Youtube Videos That No Need To Be Trends Pt3

0 74 Here are some other videos that no need to be trending nowadays.

Prank Videos

Some people think this was a fun way to interact with people, but it’s probably wrong when it’s taking it too much damage or being dangerous, after all the prank it’s not the same with being a jerk to a people who don’t disturb you, this model of prank videos must be changed its essence. because doing prank is to amaze and entertain people not make people mad because you were being a jerk for making fun of other people.

Weird videos

Some people like to post their weird videos, but don’t want to know it. some people can have shocking experience after watching some kind of these weird videos. in some case, they were doing a suicide after watching those weird videos with a weird sound. although people said it’s was cliches or just some exaggerated rumors. It still makes me worried about this one. so we better cautious about this one.

Hoax videos

like another video with ” the wrong feel,” it’s a type of video that spreading the hoax and there is no fact about it on the video that you watch until the end.

Slideshow photos with some pieces of advice videos 

Another annoying and worthless to watch, a slideshow that shows a photo with some pieces of advice but not syncronizes with what the photo show and the advice that they add.

Dangerous Challenge Videos

This was the worst one, here is the list of worst type of challenge videos spread on youtube, Fire Challenge, Kylie Jenner Challenge, Charlie Charlie Challenge, Fainting Challenge, Ice Bucket Challenge, Cinnamon Challenge, Choking Challenge, Salt & Ice Challenge, Taser Gun Challenge, Don’t Judge Me Challenge…. etc. please people, just stop doing that. you can do better videos, like how to, serial video with unique plots in other videos in a positive way. 

thank’s it’s done.
here is the part: part 1 part 2 part 3

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