Youtube Videos That No Need To Be Trends Pt2

0 68 Here the next, some other videos that no need to be trending nowadays.

I still remember the very first time I experienced a “screamer” video. I was simply browsing the internet on my home computer, looking around for some more cat videos in between checking my Myspace page. (That was the most 2006 sentence ever written.) After about ten seconds of a video I clicked on, what am I presented with? A loud scream and a picture of a creepy clown. It was late at night and I’m pretty sure I woke up the entire block. Needless to say, that screamer alone was more frightening than, well, being a teenager in 2006.

Unnoficial Lyric Videos
I have no idea where this trend started, but for some reason, fan-made lyric videos were everywhere in the early days of YouTube. Long before the days of Vevo and professional music videos being uploaded directly to YouTube, someone had the idea to make their own lyric videos, complete with aesthetically pleasing Comic Sans lettering. So, to all of you aspiring music video directors out there looking to cut costs, all you really need is the lyrics to a song and access to Windows Movie Maker.

Fake Movies/fan make.
One thing that YouTube has done is made us expect a wide variety of content. However, not everything can be uploaded to YouTube, as they’re still strict when it comes to copyrighted material. However, the occasional full-length movie with a loose copyright or episode of Full House is still posted on the site every once in awhile. Which is probably why we’ve all fallen for clicking on a video that says “Dark Knight (2008) Full Movie” just to be greeted with a still shot from the film playing for two hours with a link to a website that will undoubtedly give your computer a virus. It’s these kinds of things that really make you miss Blockbuster.

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