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Content Marketing

0 127 If you have interest in SEO, you should be heard that “content is a king”. Well, it’s true and there is no deny it. But, if you have a content that contain all marketing activities with concentrate on making and sharing information, it’s called content marketing. Content marketing is part of every SEO strategy and very important for branding. So, in this article will be explained about it.


The explanation of content marketing?

Sharing useful information for free is the point of content marketing. Your reader can enjoy the information and can recognize you or your company as specialists in an exceedingly specific field. Eventually, your proficiency are the explanation why people can get your merchandise or services.


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Why is it so important for SEO?

Google reads your text, indexes the text and ranks it and writing content is a key aspect of Search Engine Optimization. To do it properly, you should write plenty of copy associated with the terms your audience is checking out. When you write more blog posts, your web site can pop up more. After you begin doing content marketing, your rankings can go up


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How to set up the strategy?

When prepare for a new content marketing, should include about cornerstone content as well. In this case, you should have articles that extremely helpful for you and your audience and should be informative kind of posts or pages. And then, write very much different blog posts but, have similar topic with the cornerstone articles. Write it with different angle or with subtopic and link it to cornerstone articles too.



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