The Attack of Ransomware : WannaCry and Petya

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Did you heard about security outbreaks lately? Well, it happened globally “the ransomware attack”. Does the words WannaCry and Petya familiar to you? Maybe for some of the it does, and for some of the doesn’t. For your information, if  there are things involve “the ransomware attack” whether it’s WannaCry or Petya, the very bad thing will happen or worst. This is more to like cybercrime, involve some hacking, encrypted data or destroyed data and even some of them involve money.


So, what is ransomware? What is WannaCry and Petya? What are they? Why involve some hacking and even involve some money? Here is all you need to know about them


What is rasonware?

Ransomware is malicious code that is used by cybercriminals to launch data kidnapping and lockscreen attacks. The motive for ransomware attacks is monetary, and unlike other types of attacks, the victim is usually notified that an exploit has occurred and is given instructions for how to recover from the attack. Payment is often demanded in virtual currency to protect the criminal’s identity.


What is WannaCry ransomware?

Wannacry Ransomware on The Attack of Ransomware : WannaCry and Petya (GoldenEye)
Wannacry Ransomware on The Attack of Ransomware : WannaCry and Petya

Wanna Decryptor, also known as WannaCry or wcry, is a specific ransomware program that locks all the data on a computer system and leaves the user with only two files: instructions on what to do next and the Wanna Decryptor program itself.

When the software is opened it tells computer users that their files have been encryted, and gives them a few days to pay up, warning that their files will otherwise be deleted. It demands payment in Bitcoin, gives instructions on how to buy it, and provides a Bitcoin address to send it to.


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What is Petya ransomware?

Petya cyberattack on The Attack of Ransomware : WannaCry and Petya (GoldenEye)
Petya cyberattack on The Attack of Ransomware : WannaCry and Petya

Malware under the name of Petya has existed since 2016, with Symantec saying the version used in this cyberattack has been modified and can spread via a worm.


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How to deal with WannaCry and Petya ransomware generally:

According to Symantec, here the way to deal with all ransomware :

  • Do not pay the ransom. It only encourages and funds these attackers. Even if the ransom is paid, there is no guarantee that you will be able to regain access to your files.
  • Be sure you are backing up your data on a regular basis. If you do become a victim of a ransomware attack, you will be able to restore any impacted files from a known good backup. Restoration of your files from a backup is the fastest way to regain access to your data.
  • Do not provide personal information when answering an email, unsolicited phone call, text message or instant message. Phishers will try to trick employees into installing malware, or gain intelligence for attacks by claiming to be from IT. Be sure to contact your IT department if you or your coworkers receive suspicious calls.
    Use reputable internet security software and a firewall. Maintaining a strong firewall and keeping your security software up to date are critical. It’s important to use antivirus software from a reputable company because of fake software out there.
  • Employ content scanning and filtering on your mail servers. Inbound e-mails should be scanned for known threats and should block any attachment types that could pose a threat.
  • Make sure that all systems and software are up-to-date with relevant patches. Exploit kits hosted on compromised websites are commonly used to spread malware. Regular patching of vulnerable software is necessary to help prevent infection.
  • If traveling, alert your IT department beforehand, especially if you’re going to be using public wireless Internet. Make sure you use a trustworthy Virtual Private Network (VPN) when accessing public Wi-Fi.

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