The Best Way To Describe A Product That Sell part 1

0 62 sales did not reach the target? 

have you tried to make product listing? meanwhile, the product listing is important whether it’s for a menu, merchandise items or services. Since these product descriptions will be featured on your website, your app, Google and/or Facebook, they should be as persuasive as possible to make you reach your target sales.

Right now, you possibly babbling about “I can just tell’em what’s the best thing on my product have than the others”. but in this time I barely said that you are wrong. This is actually much more difficult. Because you want to make people buy your product, click “add to cart” button, and recommend it to others, so others can buy it and so on and on and on. and then “boom” your sales going so well so you reach your sales target. if you properly write the product description, it can be a powerful persuasion tool for boosting your sales.

Here is what you need to do to make a powerful persuasion tool for boosting your sales:

First, Determine which of your ideal customers.

Make sure your product descriptions are on the right customers.
adjust the product list to your liking. like, make this person’s life easier, richer or more fun. Then make a description of this product as if it could answer the question that this ideal buyer wants, using words that will interest them.

Second, Show off what is profitable for them.

Potential customers don’t want to read the list of product features that are long-winded boring and less interesting. They just want to know what advantages for them when using your product. What problems can be overcome? And how will it make their lives better? and they don’t really care what your product is. So translate your product features and specs into benefits for the customer, so they can’t resist your offer. example, like reduce stress, reduce pain, faster performance, saving electricity, etc. “The more specific your statement the better!

The next step will be there tomorrow, see you soon…




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