The Best Way To Describe A Product That Sell part 2

0 51 sales did not reach the target? 

hello again, we come back with the next step on what you need to do to make a powerful persuasion tool for boosting your sale the next step in this part 2,

Third, Define character your of voice
Make a description of your product to be different. it gives a strong impression of your company’s culture, personality, and value to the reader. With your content Make your personality shine, if it’s successful, add some humor as well. For example, changing the ordinary thing becomes extraordinary, rather than explaining the product only based on the “ordinary” value of a product.
for example, promoting led shoe products,
Title: Colorful rainbow from flash led shoes,
it has:
-LED flash with 10 different colors.
-Flash, fade and array mode.
-Improve your performance when you dance.
-Super eye-catchy.

see, according to this

Fourth, Use strong visualization

at least people only read 16 percent of words on a web page at it’s average, it’s according to research. So you have to think about how you make people easily absorb your content as they will only read the product list. It may seem easy, but you need to use easy-to-understand, easy-to-read, straight to the point statements. Use larger letters, and you should use bullet points where necessary clarity, such as “Pure clean distilled water, safe for kids, improve your immunity”.

In my case, sometimes I get a problem to understand the quality, detail, size, how to use it, and how to properly use some product. Although in fact, there are definitions and guidelines in using the products included in the sales package of a product. With this problem, you can use alternative way for making pictures and videos instead long and boring description product. The best way is to show the best real-time detail of your product by making best video or list of pictures to demonstrate exactly what it does and how to use it in real life. 

that’s it for today, see you in next time.

for the first step was here.

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