How to unsend emails in Gmail

Unsend Emails Gmail

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Intorduction In these day, the need for an email is very important. Even there are a company that provide free email services, just like Google. Google email or more familiar with gmail is one of the free email service that have many users. But did you know, if gmail have “Undo Send” feature. This undo send feature allow you to cancel your email delivery or unsend emails gmail, in case you got typo on your email message or you just sent email to wrong person.

How do the settings

Here’s the way how you to use undo send feature :

First thing first, you should loged in to your gmail account. Then, in your gmail inbox, on the top right corner click the gear button, and then click settings.

Settings menu

In the Settings menu, on the Undo Send part you could check the box tha says Enable Undo Send, after that you can choose time whatever you need or whatever you want.

Check the Enable Undo Send


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For this changes have impact or you already finish the settings, don’t forget to click save in the bottom this menu. Then you able to seeing Undo option.

Undo Option Appear when sent an email

If you want to unsend email, quickly click Undo and your email will cancel immediately.


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