How To Install CentOS 6

Install CentOS

0 151 Linux is a popular OS these days. If you want to install Linux on your computer especially install CentOS 6, you could use this tutorials. The CentOS in this tutorial is CentOS version 6.9.

Before we jump to installation process, make sure you have the installation media included installation file of Linux CentOS 6.9. If you don’t have installation file of CentOS, you can refer to this link:

After that you can burnt it to DVD or USB drive.

Here following step by step how to install CentOS 6.9 :

1. Insert DVD installer or bootable USB drive to computer and restart it.

Install Centos 6 - Install or upgrade CentOS 6.9
Install or upgrade CentOS 6.9

When that screen appear, please choose “Install or upgrade an existing system” and then press enter.

2. Choose “OK” to run media testing or just skip it. Don’t forget to press enter.

Install CentOS 6 - Media Testing
Media Testing

3. Click “Next” to continue

Install CentOS 6 - click "Next" to proceed
click “Next” to proceed

4. Please select your language during the installation and for the system

Install CentOS 6 - select language
select language

5. Please select your keyboard type.

Install CentOS 6 - select keyboard type
select keyboard type

If you wish your keyboard type with “QWERTY” format, let it default.


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6. Select your install location. If you want install on local device (on your computer’s HDD), select “Basic Storage Devices”. Select “Specialized Storage Devices”, if your devices connected to network as Storage Area Networks (SANs). Then click “Next”.

Install CentOS 6 - select install location
select install location

7. If you want format all data on your local devices, please click “Yes, discard any data” or click “No, keep any data” if you don’t want format all your data on your local devices.

Install CentOS 6 - discard or keep any data
discard or keep any data

8. Set your hostname of your computer. In this case “simple.sysadmin” is mine.

Install CentOS 6 - set hostname for your computer
set hostname for your computer

9. Select your timezone for your system.For me, it’s Asia/Jakarta.

Install CentOS 6 - select timezone
select timezone

10. Set password for root user on your CentOS system

Install CentOS 6 - set password
set password

Hardisk Partition on Install CentOS 6

11. Select the installation type, in this case select “Use All Space” for fresh installation on the disk.

Install CentOS 6 - instalation type
installation type

Please check box “Review and modify partitoning layout” and then click “Next”

Install CentOS 6 - Review and modify partition
Review and modify partition

12. Here is the partition table of your system.

Install CentOS 6 - HDD Partition
HDD Partition

It should be have several seperated partition like /home, /var, /var/log, /usr, and /tmp. But because my system have minimum storage capacity for Linux system (20 GB), so i let it default.

13. If everything ok and ready click “Format”

Install CentOS 6 - format partition
format partition

14. If everything ok and ready click “Write changes to disk”

Install CentOS 6 - write disk
write disk

15. Boot loader installation. Click “Next” to proceed.

Install CentoOS 6 - select boot loader
select boot loader


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16. You can select what software installed during OS installation, and what server type.

Install CentOS 6 - Software Installation
Software Installation

For me it’s minimal, based on resource on my machine and also you can costumize now or later. Don’t forget to click “Next”.

Install CentOS - Costumize software
Costumize software

17. Just wait until the installation is complete.

Install CentOs - Installation process
Installation process

18. Installation of CentOS 6.9 on your machine/computer succeed. Please reboot the system.

Install CentOS 6 - Installation succeed
Installation succeed

19. Now, you can login with password that you set before.

Install CentOS 6 - centos promt
centos promt


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