Using AI on the Play Store, Google wants to hide crashing Android apps

Google Play Store

0 122 Many major tech company try to implement AI on their product and their business, and Google is one of them. Many google products are advance and very user-friendly, but it doesn’t mean less error or bugs. Google Play Store is a place for developer, users and companies can their product by an android program. On Google Play Store is have many users across the globe that actively sharing and updating their programs. And downloading android programs for who just ordinary user. For this, too many data exchange at a time. Something like this need special tratment and google seems have their own plan. Google want to use AI on the Play Store. AI itself is very useful for the product, especially for tech company like Google.


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Using AI on the Play Store

Google is planning to use machine learning algorithms to analyse “performance data, user engagement, and user ratings” on the Play Store’s apps. And downgrade buggy, crashing ones to stop them from rising to the top of listings.


This means that the most visible apps in the Play Store will be less likely to crash, behave weirdly, or even ask for more permissions than they should.


The search giant had already put artificial intelligence algorithms in place to determine an app’s quality. But it’s now acting upon its findings to actually curate Android’s digital store.


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Two months ago, Google also announced the new “Android Excellence” program, which expands on what was known as the Play Store’s “Editor’s Choice”. There are now several human-curated categories of rotating apps that Googlers tweak every now and then to highlight apps that they think are good.


The only problem the new machine learning-driven algorithms have is that, because they act somewhat independently. There is no way for developers to know whether their app is getting downgraded and why.

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