Debian VS Ubuntu : As A Regular Use Distro

Which is better Ubuntu or Debian

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If you are want to use Linux as your daily use and activity. You will be wondering which is the good and maybe the best Linux for regular use distro. Probably, you want to use the stable distro one, and then something come to your mind, Debian or Ubuntu?


Here the comparison between Debian and Ubuntu as a regular use distro

If you considering using Linux on the laptop or desktop, I think Ubuntu is better than Debian, not just for new user, for experienced user, too.

Ubuntu: Due to its staggering user base, there’s a great chance of a PPA of some recent or vague software, icon or theme, Debian doesn’t have that.


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If you don’t really like make a lot of change with your OS configuration, I think Ubuntu will perfect for you. You also don’t have to worry if you find any problem or error with your Ubuntu, because maybe your problem already fixed by somebody else.

Debian: Debian provide different net install ISO and allow you to build from scratch. Beside, Debian is greatly splintered.


Debian testing or unstable is very good to you who very love to cuztomize and make experiment with Linux, and for the record, for this case, Debian is much better than Ubuntu and Arch Linux.

On the off chance that you think about the simplicity of installation, installing ubuntu is somewhat less demanding, yet Debian GTK+ installer isn’t terrible as well. So in this ubuntu versus Debian fight, it’s a win-win from two alternate points of view.


There are other considerasions, due to Debian and Ubuntu comparison as a regular use distro. You can use security, default kernel and binary compability.



Debian stable and Ubuntu, both have equivalent security system and vulnerability patching plan.

Ubuntu have preinstalled firewall and access control system, such as AppArmor and UFW. But Debian have none, it’s more likely designed for experienced user.

So if you are new in Linux system and security, it’s better using Ubuntu.


Default kernel

As of the kernel, Debian is the winner here. Ubuntu’s default kernel is litterally overfed, planned to keep running on an extensive variety of Hardware, looks bad to me. In the meantime, Debian’s kernel is very trimmed, performs better(I think) than ubuntu’s, especially when running some benchmarking tool. You need to compile a custom kernel to use with Ubuntu.


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Binary compatibility

Are Ubuntu and Debian compatible with binary? Both yes and no, on most cases a package from Ubuntu’s repository is works as wellas on Debian testing/unstable, unless there’s several shared library that mismatch. Otherwise is also true,you might need to edit the deb package to fulfill depedency.

I’ve done such mix up commonly, such as introducing from PPA, installing Compiz directly from ubuntu repo on Debian. Everything works fine after some tweaking.

But, the Debian documentation not allows such practices, and they have a decent word for it, FrankenDebian, so don’t make a FrankenDebian. Anyway, do whatever you need as long as you can settle it later.



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