All You Need To Do To Fix Corrupted PDF Files

0 74 In these days, all document and files save digitally. Whether it’s a photo or just a text document such as ms. word (docx) and PDF. If something wrong with docx files, maybe we can fix it with open it and then save differently or using ms. word recovery. But how about PDF files that got damaged or corrupted? How do we suppose to fix corrupted PDF files?

The Requirement To Repair Corrupted PDF Files

PDF files are capable of storing all kinds of information in all kinds of textual and visual formats. Its compact size makes it ideal for sharing information on the internet. And is used by a vast demographic of users. PDF files although cannot be edited, but this particular trait adds to the benefit of preserving the integrity of the original document. PDF file was created to fulfill distribution and printing needs, and such needs have always tended to be ever-increasing. Because of such kinds of use, PDF File Corruption is not uncommon. A PDF file may be corrupted due to a myriad of reasons like incomplete upload or download, virus issues, system failure etc. All of these problems and more have spawned the need to Repair PDF Files. And hence raises the question: How do you repair a corrupted PDF files?


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Reasons For PDF File Corruption:

Although there are numerous reasons for PDF file corruption, there are certain common reasons that are responsible. Here are some of the typical reasons for file corruption.

  • Incomplete Upload or Download. PDF files are meant to be shared over the internet, but sometimes due to incomplete upload or download, only a portion of the file is obtained by the receiver and this causes PDF file corruption.
  • Interference while Transferring. Sometimes due to server time out or internet connection failure, partial information gets transferred which may cause PDF file corruption.
  • System Failure. Many time PDF file corruption might also be the result of System Failure which might corrupt the data stored inside the system which includes PDF file as well.
  • Virus Issues. Viruses are one of the most common and frustrating causes of data corruption. Even if your computer is secured by Antivirus programs and what not, you still run a risk of getting your PDF file corrupt from virus infection over the internet.

How to Repair Corrupted PDF Files:

Apart from the reasons of PDF File Corruption listed above, there are several more reasons as well. It is impossible for each and every user in the world to employ prevention techniques that defer all these PDF file corruption causes. If we talk about antivirus programs, even these software need updates in order to keep pace with ever increasing types of internet viruses.

Sometimes, it is better to have the cure instead of spending dollars over various corruption prevention techniques. PDF Recovery Tool is the cure for all types of corrupt PDF Files. There are many online PDF Recovery tools which claim full recovery of PDF documents, but most of these tools are incapable of handling complex or heavy PDF data. Additionally, it is not safe to upload sensitive information over the internet that might compromise you or your organization.


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The steps fo recovery

PDF Recovery tool offers free demo version for users to check if the tool is actually capable of recovering data from even severely corrupt PDF files and allows users to take an unbiased decision regarding the potency of this file recovery tool. PDF Recovery Tool works in these following steps:

  1. Launch SysInfoTools PDF Recovery Tool, and select single PDF File or multiple PDF files based upon the requirement for recovery.
  2. After file selection, select the PDF file recovery mode and continue with the recovery process.
  3. Wait till maximum possible data is recovered and then preview the recovered data and proceed with the saving process.
  4. For the saving process, select the desired destination for saving the new PDF file containing the recovered data. Select options like “save extracted images” or “save extracted text” as per your requirement. Then click on Save button to start the saving process.
  5. After the successful completion of the Saving process, you can access the recovered PDF file data stored in the PDF file saved at the desired location as specified earlier.


The Features of PDF Recovery tool

PDF Recovery tool is easy to use tool that can effortlessly recover data from severely corrupt PDF file with high accuracy and retain all the original formatting and styles. Some of the Features of this tool are:

  • Batch Recovery Option for recovering data from multiple corrupt PDF files.
  • Multiple Recovery Modes provides recovery options depending upon the severity of corruption.
  • Interactive and Simple User Interface makes this tool easy to use for users who don’t have any prior technical knowledge.
  • Recovery from External Media like flash drives or hard disks is also possible.
  • Advanced Search feature allows users to automatically detect the location of the PDF file present in the system without actually having to pinpoint the precise location of the file manually.

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