The Best Way To Describe A Product That Sell part 3

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hello again, we come back with the next step on what you need to do to make a powerful persuasion tool for boosting your product sale the next step in this part 3,

Fifth, don’t use words that are excessive and give answers “yes” and “okay”

like “our product is the best in town”, “our product was the one and only product that you can use today”, etc. So please make it detail about what makes your product different. for example:
Title: Colorful rainbow from flash led shoes,
Unlike your everyday ordinary shoes, flash led shoes is designed to make you stunning when you do your dance on the floor.
-LED flash with 10 different colors.
-Flash, fade and array mode.
-long lasting battery a weeks not hours.
-Super eye-catchy.

Sixth, make sure you use the sensory words that can bait the customer

it’s a word that can describe you by how we feel the world, like how you smell the fragrance, touch the surface, taste the flavor. It’s related to sight indicate colors, shape or appearance too. it engages more brain processing power by mixing personality and flavor by describing how costumers feel about the product tastes by just read it.

example description, “Imagine when your foot feels so soft, comfortable, it’s sparkling when you move, and makes you the source of attention, that’s when you are united with this LED shoes”. it makes the costumer almost feels the same way when they read the description.

Seventh, make sure it’s optimized for the search engine. so the targeted costumers would be easily found and buy your product so the product sales are increasing. choose the best focus keyword that can optimize your product description to make your product easily founded. Use the keywords in the file description and alt tag on your best product images and videos that you make.

so that’s all I want you to know this tips. make sure you try this tips, and I hope this would improve your product sales and growing up your costumers.

thanks, all…

there it is, part 1, part 2



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