5 Best Recommended Apps for Ubuntu in 2017

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SimpleSysAdmin.info. As an typical Linux user, one hard job is when you should finding the proper Linux Applications to install on your Ubuntu machines. Probably, there are so much application that you want to install and use. But most applications are just built for the Windows desktops and not for Linux at all.


So, this is Best Ubuntu Apps in 2017 recommendation for you :


  1. LibreOffice Site
Ubuntu Apps - Libre Office
Ubuntu Apps – Libre Office

LibreOffice may be all-powerful Office suite. It’s like Microsoft Office for Windows but this LibreOffice is originally for Linux. LibreOffice have many variation of tools that can fully support your works. On the market, it’s totally Free and Open source.


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  1. Dropbox
Ubuntu Apps - Dropbox
Ubuntu Apps – Dropbox


It’s very great and useful if you have cloud storage tools on your machine especially tools like Dropbox. Dropbox works in the Ubuntu smoothly and synced online automatically and also can be shared.


  1. GIMP Image Editor
Ubuntu Apps - GIMP Image Editor
Ubuntu Apps – GIMP Image Editor

If in Windows there is tool called Photoshop, in Linux we have GIMP. GIMP is tool that can make you create and edit images, and it’s a free open source. It can be used to photo retouching, image composition and image authoring, too. GIMP can works in many OS and in many language.


  1. VLC Media Player
Ubuntu Apps - VLC Media Player
Ubuntu Apps – VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player is open source, free,a media player that cross-platform, and framewrok that plays most multimedia files. It can plays such as DVDs, VCDs, Audio CDs, and numerous streaming protocols. VLC Player if we compare with similar media player apps, its offers more user experience for you.


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  1. Steam For Linux Gaming
Ubuntu Apps - Steam Online Gaming
Steam Online Gaming on Linux

Since Steam realese version that support for Linux platforms, hundreds or maybe thousand of gamer especially online gamer. Now they can play their favorite games on Linux.



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