5 Best Linux OS For Gaming 2018

Best Linux Distro For Gaming

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In nowadays video games has growing rapidly. Video game can be played on many platforms and PC is one of them. But in the PC platform, mostly game are supported with windows environment. But now, Linux gaming on linux is not impossible anymore and Linux also have best Linux OS for gaming through their distros.

Linux have so many distros, but these Linux dsitros are very suitable for gaming and equipped with many kinds of drivers, emulators, software and all things for gaming needed.

Here 5 best Linux OS for gaming in 2018 :

1. SteamOS

Best Linux OS For Gaming - SteamOS
SteamOS image by www.techradar.com

The first list of Best Linux OS For Gaming is SteamOSSteamOS is developed by Valve Corp (the createor of Steam) and one of the most popular gaming distros. SteamOS is designed for running games from the Steam Store.

SteamOS is derived from Debian 8 with codenamed Debia Jessie. The desktop environment of this OS is GNOME, and has been optimized for easy access with  Joystick and Keyboard. DEB is package format of this OS. Support with many types of Graphics Cards and Gamepads/Joysticks, even your hardware is not included on the OS driver, it can be set up manually.


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SteamOS have so many collection of Games and it’s buit-in from Steam Game Store. But, SteamOS have high-end hardware need and only Steam games that available.

Hardware Requirements :

Processor: AMD 64-bit or Intel

Memory: 4GB or better

Hard Drive: 200GB or better

Video Card:  AMD graphics card (RADEON 8500 and later) / NVIDIA graphics card / Intel graphics

Additional: UEFI Firmware (recommended), USB port for installation


2. SparkyLinux Gameover Edition

Best Linux OS For Gaming - SparklyLinux Game Over Linux
SparklyLinux Game Over Linux image by sparkylinux.org

SparkyLinux Gameover Edition is other fantastic Linux distro for Gaming. SparkyLinux is derived from Debian with LXDE as desktop environment dan DEB as package format.

SparkyLinux Gameover Edition have unique tool called APTus Gamer. This tools can make easy to user to install many types of emulators, consoles, and other tools for gamers. APTus provide long list of available emulators.

SparkyLinux has comes with Steam client and also pre-installed with so many Linux open source games. SparkyLinux Gameover edition also supported for Windows Games with Wine and PlayLinux bundled.

If you want a stable Linux distro for gaming, well SparkyLinux Gameover Edition is worth to try.


3. Game Drift Linux

Best Linux OS For Gaming - Game Drift Linux
Game Drift Linux, image by d2.alternativeto.net

Game Drift Linux is great distro for best gaming experience on Linux that provide special support for Linux and also popular Windows games. It is derived from Ubuntu with MATE as desktop environment and DEB as package format.

Game Drift have many kinds of open-source and commercial high quality Linux game in the Game Drift’s store. The game store of Game  Drift Linux is supports fo One-click installation and added more game regulary.

With CrossOver technology, user can play man

y Windows game directly in the Game Drift. Not just game, CrossOver also allow user to run many kinds of Windows software. But, in order to use Game Drift, user should buy activation key first.

The Recommended of Hardware Requirement :

Processor: 1-2 GHz processor (32 or 64 bit)

Memory: 1-2 GB RAM

Hard Drive: 4 GB hard disk drive for Game Drift Linux not including for the games.

Video Card: Nvidia, ATI or Intel graphics adapter

Additional: LAN/Internet


4. Fedora Games Spin

Best Linux OS For Gaming - Fedora Games Spin
Fedora Games Spin, image by howtouselinux.net

Fedora Games spin is the distro that derived from Fedora and it’s excellent model of Fedora’s capability to run games. With Xfce as Desktop Environment and RPM as package formatting, Fedora Games Spin arrive with so many of Linux Games.

According to official site is that Fedora Games Spin have various genres, like first-person shooters, turn-based and real-time strategy and also puzzle games.

Fedora Games Spin is fast, stable and light OS for gaming. It have pre-installed thousand of Linux games, but unfortunately, Steam client, PlayOnLinux or Wine are not one of them. Using package manager to install Steam and Windows are required. In order to play game from pre-installed games Fedora Games Spin, user should download additional data first.


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5. Ubuntu GamePack

Best Linux OS For Gaming - Ubuntu GamePack
Ubuntu GamePack, image by www.linuxandubuntu.com

The last Best Linux OS For Gaming in this article is Ubuntu GamePack. Ubuntu GamePack is a gaming distro from Ubuntu with purpose to reduce the gap availability of games between Linux and Windows. Ubuntu GamePack give guaranty to launch more that 6000 Linux and Windows games. Ubuntu GamePack using Unity as desktop environment and package format using DEB.

In Ubuntu GamePack have Lutris, Steam client, PlayOnLinux and Wine are pre-installed in the system. Lutris is an open gaming platform for directing and administering Linux, Console, Windows games and also Steam.

User will not have a problem if want to playing online games, because Ubuntu GamePack support Oracle Java and Adobe Flash. The best part is Ubuntu GamePack have provides a dedicated repo with hundreds of games for the collection.



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