3 Basic Differences and Similarites of Debian vs Ubuntu

Debian vs Ubuntu : Basic Differences and Similarites

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If you are new to Linux and especially new on Ubuntu, you definitely think Ubuntu is identical with Debian. Well, it’s not totally right, but it’s not totally wrong, too. Even Ubuntu is derived from Debian, they have basic differences and also similarities between Debian and Ubuntu. Actually, there are 3 Basic Differences and Similarites of Debian vs Ubuntu, and in this article we could learn them together.


Basic Differences and Similarites of Debian vs Ubuntu

Here is the 3 differences and similiarities of Debian vs Ubuntu by categories.

Release cycle and support length

Just Debian stable variants have a particular release date, there’s an approximately two-year gap between each discharge and 3 years of maintain time. While Debian testing and unstable are constantly renew until the point when they turn into the following stable variant.


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Ubuntu is released in a gap of a half year, and the gap is 2 years for LTS released. Ubuntu LTS has a long maintain time, around 5 years or much more. So I think Ubuntu LTS release are a little bit better than Debian for maintain length.


Package management

APT package management is used for both Ubuntu and Debian system. However, their software repository is somewhat different. Debian was and is constantly prioritizing the free software in Debian main repository. In other hand, Ubuntu has no restriction for the software in their repository.


Moreover, Debian unstable is significantly more forefront than Ubuntu, and Debian packages are much modular than ubuntu. But for your information, Ubuntu has an unmistakable favorable position, acquired from its huge user base and reputation, the PPAs and many more.


Ubuntu’s also presented the snap package administrator around 2 years back. Not at all likable, the snap packages are independent, works free of a distro, accessible in Debian repo as well.


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In fact, there is no difference between Ubuntu and Debian in performance, except you running some strict benchmark. However based on my opinion, Debian performs somewhat better while doing some very requesting computational assignment.



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