All about Linux – Part 1

0 159 If you want to buy a new Desktop or laptop and then browsing to the internet, usually it will arranged by the latest version of Windows. Other OS maybe not in the recommendation for that new Desktop or laptop. For your information, Windows and it’s competitor MacOS are lead the markets today. But, did you know there is a third free platform, yeah that is Linux. Here the following information about Linux.

Linux : Ubuntu laptop
Linux : Ubuntu laptop


Back in the 90’s, the Windows OS was still a new things, therefore UNIX system was the most-used OS at the time, each commercially, and in academic institutions. For personally used, somehow, operating system was simply too ovepriced to use. A free Unix variation  was accessible, and it’s called MINIX. however It didn’t take complete advantage of Intel’s 32-bit chip, and couldn’t be changed or decentralised even if the source code was freely accessible. For this matter, in the University of Helsinki there is a student try to make a platform of himself.


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In the creation of Linux. A student of computer science called himself Linus Torvalds wrote the primary signs of Linux specifically for his Intel 386-based machine running MINIX. He didn’t produce a whole package, however instead what’s referred to as a kernel, that didn’t rely upon the parent MINIX package.

Linus Torvalds
Linus Torvalds


What is Linux kernel ?

Simple Kernel Hierarchy
Simple Kernel Hierarchy


If an operating system were a planet, and for the core that is kernel. It’s the essential code that maintain and manages everything on your desktop, from the processor to the memory, all of the devices. If Windows 10 is can be implement of any devices, it suggests that Microsoft uses identical kernel, or core. It’s rock bottom layer of an operating system.


The next layer on top of the kernel, it is called the shell. It’s th interface for getting into commands to the kernel. With Windows, what you look everyday is that the lovely graphical interface layer on the planet’s surface. beneath that’s a layer for rendering the graphical interface (desktop space), and a layer that manages background services, like from the printer, ethernet property, and so on.


What Linus Torvalds created just a core, that he ultimately named Linux operating system, and then uploaded to an FTP server. it had been initial printed underneath his own license, then again he set to combine it with a shell referred to as Bash, that was created underneath a free code license called the GNU General Public License (GPL). Ultimately, the Linux kernel was affordby itself underneath the GNU GPL, and developers have gathered to make open-source layers for it, and the result is a complete operating system and ready-to-use.


Linux implementation

Because the Linux kernel falls below the GNU GPL, it’s wide used outside the computer field. It is caught running in vehicles, room appliances, streaming devices, unit devices, Internet of Things devices, and then rather more. Most of the internet necessarily depends on Linux through the Apache HTTP Server platform installed on internet servers, that relies on the Linux kernel.


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Like other OS, Linux its self have their own distribution. A distribution could be a unified cluster of elements with the Linux system core/kernel at the middle, however these releases aren’t all identical despite sharing the Linux system core. Microsoft will one thing similar with Windows ten, though the corporate keeps the kernel behind fast doors. Microsoft primarily sells totally different distributions, looking on the hardware: Windows 10 Pro/Home, Windows 10 Mobile, Xbox One, and so on.



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