All You Need To Know About SteamOS

All About SteamOS

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In the world of video games, the name of “Steam” is very familiar. Steam is a software that mostly for multiplayer gaming and video streaming. But, do you ever heard about SteamOs? Steam not just a software, Steam also have its own OS.


Here all you need to know about SteamOS.


What is SteamOS?

SteamOS is a operating system base on Linux that derived from Debian. Debian Jessie is a version of Debian (stable) that used by SteamOS. The current version of SteamOS is called “brewmaster” and it’s SteamOS 2.0.

SteamOS is developed by Valve Corporation, same company that develop Steam Software. SteamOS have initial release in December 2013. Although SteamOS design for gaming purpose, but it also can be for streaming music , video and other online services.


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The Hardware Requirement of SteamOS

Processor : Intel or AMD 64-bit capable processor

Memory: 4GB or more RAM

Hard Drive : 250GB or larger disk

Video Card : NVIDIA, Intel, or AMD graphics card

Additional : USB port or DVD drive for installation


To install the SteamOS on your machine, you should download the installer first in this link.

About SteamOS - SteamOS Downlaod Page
SteamOS Downlaod Page

The SteamOS is open source for all the components of base operating system, but for the Steam Client is not, and for some other third-party drivers.

If you are programming or you just want to develop SteamOS for your own good, you can go to the source of SteamOS or the repo :


What software runs on SteamOS?

SteamOS not just can run Steam and Steam games, but SteamOS provides a desktop mode too that could run regular applications of Linux. Using standard APT as package manager as software updates, it allow you to add third-party softwares or applications and a lot of Debian Jessie package work fine on SteamOS.


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What games run and don’t run on SteamOS?

All Steam game that support with Linux should be run on SteamOS. In Steam, around 2,000 Linux games are available including Counter-Strike : Global Offensive and Hotline Miami.

Unfurtunately, all games that are only compatible with Windows and Mac will not run on SteamOS. Such as, Grand Theft Auto (GTA), BioShock and Call of Duty (COD).


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