Youtube Videos That No Need To Be Trends Pt1

0 75 Here is the videos that no need to be trending nowadays.

Reacts To Videos
Made famous by The Fine Bros, a video trend that grew extremely popular a few years ago was “React To” videos. With such fine entries as “ELDERS REACT TO SLIPKNOT” and “KIDS REACT TO 80’S TOYS”, (yes, all the titles are in caps), these kinds of videos have a pretty simple premise: showing exactly what the title tells you. While I thought this trend had for sure gone away, I searched “reacts to” just to see that the videos still get posted every day with millions of views. My reaction to this? fully shock. and there are some other people on youtube Reacts To Videos that react some videos, like an inception movie. do the loop and making some click bait videos.

Cover Song
it’s not wrong to make a cover song of what song you like, whether it’s famous or not. but let me tell you that this is wrong in a particular way, instead of making fun of it, there was some bunch of people make money from them like selling it to Soundcloud, iTunes, Spotify, monetize it on youtube, and so many another way to make its profit. but how about the real maker of that song? it’s hurt to know that your song was used by others to make a profit without your permission. although your song was being spread and famous in the world, the reason is they were breaking Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) of the real creator of that song. this regulation is still blurry and needs clarity.

Click bait videos
there are many ways to make your youtube channel were famous, the click bait was one of a way to bait people to come to your channel to watch your video, it’s like making a foul video that doesn’t have the similarity with the title.

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